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Service is a family tradition….
Service mind-set is a family tradition for Ali Kibar Professional Services. Founder and owner Ali Kibar comes from a family who has devoted lifetimes to the service sector and satisfaction of its guests.
The Kibar Family has been carrying the flag of Turkish hospitality and service culture with success trough variety of services for over 65 years. Other than rooting strongly to the tradition, what make Kibars’ way of doing business unique is their open and innovative approach and ability to blend old and the new in the same pot. A unique Turkey experience is a result of family culture, expertise and knowledge in Ali Kibar Professional Services.
2000-….. / Ali Kibar
Kibar Family
Since childhood, Ali Kibar has benefited from his family experience in the fields of international tourism and hotel management. Kibar’s unique and multifaceted approach to Istanbul relies on his Istanbul family origins which integrate western mind and eastern traditions.
Since 2000 as he took over the family business, Ali Kibar aims to uphold and maintain the harmony between Turkey’s identity and image. In order to cater for a blatant deficiency in the service sector, he combines his amateur spirit with the professional experience.
kibar family
Determining necessary goals and strategiesto cater for the requirements and expectations of professional international guests, he puts great importance to the principle of lifelong learning. He believes his business not an occupation but a way of life.
kibar family
His team also adopted knowledge, expertise and Kibar way of service culture from the family. As he leads his team of professionals, meticulousness, timeliness and sincerity are his guiding principles. In the city that he has dedicated his life to, he wants to make sure that international guests feel the same ‘joie de vivre’ and passion he feels. He not only manages Ali Kibar Professional Services, but also acts as a consultant on Turkey for those who demand support on service of health, real estate or travel. Ali Kibar is a life style curator in Turkey whom you need to meet if you visit or live in Turkey.
kibar family
Ali Kibar was born in Istanbul in 1972, and graduated from Bilkent University’s Department of Management. Prior to Ali Kibar Professional Services, he worked in the field of marketing, and worked as project director in interior design and publishing sectors.
1960-2000 / The Kibar Twins
Atıl Kibar, one of the twin sons of Osman Kibar, continued the tradition for another 40 years in hotel business through over 15 hotels that he had managed and provided consultancy. During his career, he contributed to the development of hotel management sector in Turkey with the new approaches and applications that he had developed during his education in Switzerland.
Sarim Kibar, the other of the twins on the other hand had provided incoming services to the foreign professionals with the tourism agency that he had managed for 30 years.
1950-1960 / Osman Kibar
Osman Kibar is the initiator of the Kibar family tradition in service sector.He had a strong reputation about the new trends that he had started in Istanbul’s night lifeinthe 50’s.
The variety of guests like foreign government representatives or high level executives of the time had all been entertained and hosted in the famous night clubs that he had managed. ‘Kervansaray’ was the most popular among them all and it had created many stars of show business that areverywell known even today.
With this robust background, Ali Kibar Professional Services are proficient to design your Turkey experience professionally. You never waste your money and time with the guidance and curation of Ali Kibar and his dedicated team.
Ali Kibar Professional Services; at your service, always with pleasure.