We utilized the transportation services of Mr. Kibar and his associates for a prominent delegation of experts and officials who were in Istanbul for a high-level conference. From arrival to departure, we were very impressed by their outstanding professionalism and service. Our VIP travelers demand precise and reliable performance for their transportation needs, and Mr. Kibar and his team exceeded our high expectations. They not only delivered punctual, high-quality services, but also provided courteous and personal attention to our guests, such as excellent advice about where to dine and shop and what to see and do during their stay.
Andy Moffatt
The Brookings Institution
Assistant Director
Washington DC, US
Aguapa VIP Services provided VIP transportation service in March 2009 when I held a conference for my top customers from the wealthy Gulf Countries.
I worked closely with Ali and have to say his service was beyond my expectations. He not only was always on time, always reliable, provided everything we ask for, but also always thought a step further, gave good suggestions and provided a lot of value added services that truly delighted my customers.
I highly recommend his services, also would be very happy to be his customer again.
Justine Zhao Troesch
Computer Associates (CA)
Channel Marketing Director – MEA, Turkey and Russia
Dubai, UAE
This was my first visit to Turkey to attend a business meeting in March 2009.
It was a marvelous experience where Mr. Ali Kibar and his team was ready to provide guidance and translation of Turkish at historic places, shopping areas, hotels, on the way and during Bosphorus view on ship. It might be hard to move away from such a galaxy of loving people and excellent memories built in couple of days time but fact was to leave back.
My stay in Turkey has been immensely enjoyable apart from the delightful Turkish coffee…
Muhammed Zikria
Allied Bank
Other than the amazing city of Istanbul, the best part of my trip was Ali Kibar and his presence and guidance. Not only was he a wonderful guide but his strong Male presence in such a chaotic foreign city made me feel safe, and his sense of humor made me feel like i have a Friend in Turkey that i want to come back and visit really soon.
I especially enjoyed eating dinner with him, Ali really knows how to translate even a simple menu into a great moment…
India Arie
Grammy Award Winner Singer & Song Writer
Atlanta, USA
I appreciated Mr. Kibar’s services and assistance during Istanbul Cup Tennis Tournament’08 which has a distinctive and important place in my career.
Agnieszka Radvanska
Istanbul Cup’08 Winner
Krakow, Poland
During my Istanbul visit with my husband who attended a conference there, we enjoyed our time a lot. We plan to come back with our kids to Turkey and we decided to get Mr. Kibar’s services because we feel with him & his company the following :
– Comfort.
– Order & control.
– Honesty, truth & trust.
– Carefullness.
– Respect particularity.
– Professionalism
– Protection.
– Good entertainment & close care on our needs.
– Punctuality in locomotion.
– Discrete services.
I think there are other benefits that everybody can feel when they use Mr. Kibar’s companies’ services.
I hope success all for him & his company.
Mervat A.Al-Rassan
King Abdulaziz University Hospital
Computer & Information Department
Deputy Director
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
We are so happy and satisfied with the transportation services that Mr. Ali Kibar has provided for TUSIAD. Starting from his very first service, we haven’t searched for any another service provider.
Every employee in TUSIAD knows Mr. Ali Kibar personally. He has developed individual relationships with each one of us. During the internal incoming and/or event organisation meetings of each department, the topic ‘transportation’ has turned out to be an item that is considered as ‘already done’ and is never given a second thought.
This is a big comfort for us. We might neglect a point or forget about an important detail, but Mr. Ali Kibar never does. Moreover while doing it, he doesn’t disturb you with details and problems get solved before you even notice them.
We know him and work with him for 6 years now, and we have never experienced a single problem. These are all very important and comforting aspects while we do our business. Also his unique style in continious follow up and feed back upon the situation are other assets that turn working with him to a pleasure for us.
Obviously Mr. Ali Kibar loves and respects what he is doing. Each guest that we have entrusted to his services have congratulated us for the services he has provided.
Taking a little trip among the ancient city walls of Istanbul with MIT professor and his son, searching for the best fabric for her sofa along with the lady professor in the Grand Bazaar, Jazz session in Babylon Bar for another guest and a nice coffee break in Bhosphorus Ortakoy for another…
These are activities that have not necessarily been in our programme for our guests but these happen by Mr. Ali Kibar’s special concern in hearing and answering the needs of each of his customers. That’s why he is our main contact for business and personal transfers.
Our last meeting was in Bodrum and he didn’t leave us alone there. All of the vehicles were ready for service on time.
We all believe that he has sort of a ‘devil’s luck’ that make him ungiveupable !
Once you work with him, it is sure that you become a regular customer.
We receive many e-mails from those who work with him saying that Mr. Ali Kibar has made their stay in Istanbul special…
Nuran G├╝rsel
TUSIAD* Office of the Secretary General

TUSIAD (Turkish Industrialists’ and Businessmen’s Association)
Turkey’s powerfull business lobby whose members do represent the 85% of total export market and pay almost the whole of the corporate taxes income of Turkey.
TUSIAD every year welcomes hundreds of foreign professionals and Aguapa VIP Services accompany them to make their stay comfortable and memorable.