Time and space is the new luxury.
We are aware that your time is treasured and nonrefundable. With this motto, Ali Kibar Professional Services brand is designed to make best out of your Turkey experience; simply, pleasant, hassle-free and elegant.
Wouldn’t it be nice to spend your time from the moment your plane lands at the airport by a master team, considering you & your beloved ones safety, comfort and joy; hence plans every crucial detail seamlessly and rigorously according to your agenda.

Excellent corporate services. Ali Kibar Professional Services’ expert team works in cooperation with professional security officers who have been specially trained in Turkey or abroad for your corporate needs. Reliable, seamless and excellent corporate support is at your service.
Family tradition, expertise, knowledge and network.
Thanks to Ali Kibar brand’s knowledge, expertise, network and unique family tradition more than 65 years which makes the service rigorous and excellent. With the leadership of Ali Kibar, as the third generation persona of the family in the service business you just enjoy your Turkey.
A professional team with an amateur spirit.
Ali Kibar Professional Services assists you with preferred level of support, tailored to your needs. As a professional team with an amateur spirit, we are highly aware that your time is scarce and your financial sources are valuable. That’s why every details of your stay and every service you have is planned delicately.
We believe that service is a family tradition and we put our signature from a to z in your Turkey experience. You’re welcome.
Travel & Real Estate & Health Services
Whether you need travel, real estate or health services, we offer one stop service designed to satisfy your corporate or personal requirements. Thanks to our vast knowledge, experience, reliable network and ‘eager to serve’ set of mind, all you do is enjoy the very best life has to offer.